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Today’s broadly diverse, multi-generational workforce has a wide variety of needs and a growing desire for more benefit choices. Even in today’s tough economic climate, employers are looking for ways to provide their employees’ needs and desires without increasing their benefit budgets.

But even when employers choose to offer a variety of voluntary benefits for their employees, many employees do not understand the advantages of the offered voluntary benefit options, or don’t understand how they work. Effective benefits education can increase employees’ perception of the quality of their benefits.

We Educate Your Employees

When Benefits Connection educates your employees on the advantages of the available voluntary benefits, you both reap the rewards. Because we are involved in the education of your employees, your time may be better used in your normal daily activities. And when we educate your employees, their workplace satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity are improved.

Tailored Benefits Connection

Your employees’ benefits education program is tailored to your business. Our helpful representatives provide easy-to-understand materials, group or one-on-one meetings, and allow every individual as much time as they need to make an informed decision based on a solid understanding of your offerings.

When we educate your employees, our focus is always needs-based, with no high pressure sales. Our communications are designed to show why the various benefits matter for different life stages, and are delivered in a variety of mediums that can speak to any individual.

Benefit Fairs and Enrollment

Would you like us to hold a Benefit Fair for your employees? Here’s how to get started:
Check with us to choose a date. Make sure that there are no company meetings, events, or holidays on the planned date. Be sure that you will have space available on that date. We’ll take it from there!

We Educate Your Employees One-on-One or in Group Meetings


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