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Dependent Care FSA / DCAP FAQs

Dependent Care FSA / DCAP FAQs for Employees/Participants:

Why was my claim not paid in full? Daycare reimbursements are limited to the amount of funds you have had deducted from your paycheck. When we receive a claim; we pay what is available in your account, then hold the rest of the claim until another payroll deduction is made.

My daycare does not take the card. How can I submit for reimbursement? You may fill out our claim form and have your child care provider sign the form or you may attach a receipt from your provider to validate your claim.  You can get a claim form here (http://mybenefitspeople.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/FLEXIBLE-SPENDING-ACCOUNT-CLAIM-FORM.pdf)

Can I submit for the whole year at once? No, you will need to file claims as the services are provided.  If you file a claim in advance, we have no way of verifying that services were provided.

My daycare/childcare provider charges me more than I have deducted from my paycheck.  Can I submit the full amount for reimbursement? Yes you can.  We will pay you what is available, then reimburse you for the rest of your expense as we receive your contributions.

Can I pay for private school? No, the dependent care account only reimburses you for child care expenses.  School of any kind is not eligible under this account.

Can I make changes to my election if my childcare needs change? Absolutely.  If you have a child going into kindergarten and your cost will change, you can reduce your deductions.  If you stop having a need for childcare, you may drop the account.  If the cost of your childcare increases or decreases, you may adjust your deductions accordingly.  If you have a need for the account during the summer time only, you can pick up the account during the summer months, then stop the contributions at the end of the summer.  The dependent care account is flexible when it comes to changes.


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